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Individual websites indexed & linked from display the range & history of photo enterprise which is based in North America but international in scope–

Fotos from an Ordinary Man

– selection of 90 images is main Cherpitel portfolio of images

Commercial work for annual Love Ride & clients such as Amizetta Vineyards helps fund Subud travels & shooting.


– created mainly from Cherpitel pics of Bapak from 1969-1981 put online in June 2001 in honour of Bapak’s 100th birthday.

– still in development was first placed online in 2007 & will be completed after travels around the world to make the site totally international – translations of text into multiple languages is planned as well as photo representations of locations beyond north america.

– offshoot of subud-world project involves shooting lives enterprises & projects of subud members encountered on travels in developing Subud World – an effort to increase the awareness & sense of interconnection we all share regardless of country race or nationality.

OTHER non-Subud sites:

Aliana at Alcatraz

– a symphony of music & images counterpointing a brief visit to an unusual place


– collection of movie poster art & film lists & offering links for movie classics on DVD which are not usually commercially available.

Cherpitel Family Album

– Quality images of family & family related children & former wives.

– unique approach to internet branding using photos music & brief text founded in 2000.

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Henrietta McCormack
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