Register a Project

Who Can Register a Project

Any Subud member may submit a project for inclusion on this site — whether they are personally involved in the project or just happen to admire the project and would like to see it included. Before submitting a project, please refer to the section ‘About This Site’ for an explanation of qualifying projects.

How to Register a Project

The template for submitting project details may be found here. However, please be sure to read all the information below before submitting a project. If you intend to submit a profile of a project which you are not directly associated with, you should:

  • obtain the permission of that project before doing so
  • check with the editor at to ensure no one else is planning to profile that project (the editor keeps a record of projects being researched for this purpose).

Once a project is submitted, it will be sent to the editor of SubudProjects for approval before being published on the site. This may take a few days. If the project you have submitted has not appeared on the site within a week, please contact

It is advisable to visit the template for submitting a project initially to familiarize yourself with it and ensure you have all information that is required. Be sure to run the cursor over the icons to see explanations for each section they relate to. Some data is mandatory, some isn’t. The information required is not extensive (see / print the list below) but some of it requires planning and forethought.

A project profile must be completed and submitted in one session — it is not possible to save a partially completed project profile and return to it. Therefore, it is essential to assemble all the relevant information, together with any relevant graphic files you intend to use, before beginning to submit a project. Once you have all the information, the process of submitting a project takes only a few minutes.

Project Information

The information required on the template to submit a project includes:

  • The name of the project
  • The form of incorporation (if any)
  • An abstract of the project (a very brief description not longer than 75 characters which will appear in search results
  • What country is the project located in
  • What region (continental area) is the project located in?
  • Is the project currently operating (Y/N)
  • What year did it commence?
  • What year did it cease?
  • Description of the project (target 500, max 750 words about the project’s history and what it is)
  • Founders & Key people (names of up to five key people previously and/or currently associated)
  • Key words (list up to five which would help people searching for your project)
  • Project website (if any)
  • Current contact name (if any)
  • Current contact email (if any)
  • Your name (not for publication)
  • Your email (not for publication)
  • Your association with the project (if any, not for publication)
  • The category or categories of project to which the site belongs (see template for choices).

In addition to key information relating to a project, the project profile template allows you to submit a photograph associated with the project. A photograph is preferred, but if one is not available, it is possible to submit a logo or key graphic instead. The maximum file size for the photograph or other graphic is 600K. Acceptable file formats include .gif .jpg and .bmp. Ideally the photograph is a key image of, or picture associated with, the project. Alternatively, the logo should be the project’s unique logo, trade mark or brand, if it has one.

Tone and Style

It is advisable to search on existing projects on the site and review some project profiles in order to familiarize yourself with the best way to prepare the information you need.

The tone of what is written, particularly in the project description, should be as factual, objective and neutral as possible — and should be written in the ‘third party’. The purpose of the site is to create a kind of digital ‘coffee table book’ of Subud projects – and profiles should endeavour to achieve that, both in descriptive tone and in quality of photographs and logo graphics. Descriptions that contain material that is emotive, personal, subjective, pejorative, promotional or solicitous (of business or of support) may be edited or may not be published at all.

Read our Terms and Conditions.

Go to the template for submitting a project here.