About This Site

Many Subud members have ‘received’ or have been guided through their latihan to undertake projects and enterprises of various kinds. The initiatives they undertake reflect their own individual talents, abilities and guidance — and therefore take many forms.

During his life, the founder of Subud, Bapak Muhammad Subuh gave more than a thousand talks about Subud and the latihan. Amongst his many explanations, Bapak encouraged people who followed the latihan to put this gift into practice in their daily life by being enterprising in business, in humanitarian projects and in cultural activities – both for the inner and outer benefit of the Subud members involved, and for the world around them.

The purpose of this website is to describe some of these efforts made by Subud members – both past and continuing.

The site is intended for Subud members as a source of news, discussion and information about current and historical projects. It is also intended to be a reference source for people who are not in Subud but who may wish to know more about what it is the practical result of the latihan in this World.

Any Subud member may submit a project for inclusion on the website – whether they are peronally involved in the project or just happen to admire the project and would like to see it included. Visit the ‘Register a Project’ section for information about submitting a project profile.

The criteria for including a project are relatively simple. A project may be included if:

  • it was founded, initiated or developed by one or more Subud members, or,
  • it is owned, managed or controlled by one or more Subud members, and:
  • it was initiated because of the Subud experience or it is seen by the Subud members involved as an expression of the latihan, and
  • it has been in existence for at least one year.

A project may be an ongoing entity, such as a company or an not-for-profit oganisation. It may be a physical development such as a building or place. It may be a ‘project’ with a finite life span, or it may be a ‘program’ which is delivered or operated by a parent organization.

Inclusion of a project on the site does not mean that it is recognized in any particular way by the World Subud Association. Please note also that SubudProjects.net reserves the right – in its absolute discretion and without explanation – to refuse to publish details of any project and/or to remove details of any project.

This website is developed and funded by private Subud members. It is operated under an arrangement with the International Subud Committee for the World Subud Association — the Subud symbol and name are registered trademarks of the World Subud Association and are used here with permission.

The current SubudProjects website is the first phase of a mutli-stage project. It is intended that future stages will involve an interactive platform which facilitates the creation, development and cross-fertilisation of all kinds of Subud projects. If you would like to contribute or get involved or contact the founder of the site for any reason, please e-mail director@subudprojects.net


This site has been developed with generous contributions from a number of people — most notably Latif Vogel from Element Design Group in Sydney who provided the website design free of charge — and also from Kitka Hiltula of Kitka Websites in Melbourne who undertook the web development work at a discount to commercial rates. The site’s content is also maintained and updated with the kind help of Subud members as contributors. Thank you!